Online Campaign

The Golden Festival Begins!

The beginning of a new adventure.

Waterdeep. Your character thinks to himself walking towards the Security way-point. Hundreds of people are lined up in front of you waiting for their turn.

You look around yourself, patting your vest, pants pockets, and give your coinpurse a jingle, just to make sure you’re following security protocol.

35 Minutes pass.

“It’s been awhile. I can’t ever forget the smell of this place.” says the stranger to your left.
“Its something about the waterfalls and coastal breeze that create such an experience.” You reply, throwing your backpack over your shoulder that you left for security to check.

Feels a little light. Must be paranoid. They are too busy to cause a scene.

Sounds of various waterfalls hum in the background as you walk towards the town bazaar.



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